A bit about us...

Essential: What is Daytripper365? It’s simple. Just itineraries. One Day. Weekends.

Inspiration: With DT365 we aim to create a shared network of original itineraries that highlight “ the best of the best”. Authentic, personal, guided travel days. The inside scoop from someone who lives there, or who’s been there.

Wander: We’ve traveled with kids, couples, solo, girl’s trips, high end, low end and in-between. And while we can’t pretend we don’t like nice things there’s still nothing like a great dive bar. It’s all about the experience, the “backstage” travel moments that standout, the ones that make the trip special, memorable...and worth sharing!

Guide: Why itinerary format? Planning a trip is hard work, there is such a wealth of information available these days that it can get frustrating, time consuming and confusing. Sometimes you just want to be told: See this…Eat here…Stay at…Don’t miss! A good itinerary is like a friend you take on vacation. It’s a clear map, a route and rhythm for your day.

Local: We’re really excited about Homegrown NY, our close up of our favorite city, and state. As born and bred New Yorkers we might be slightly biased in thinking NY is the most exciting city out there with all there is to do, see, and eat. Whether you’re visiting NY, or live here, check out Homegrown for the best way to plan your day in NY!

Daytripper University: The college process is stressful, but college touring can and should be fun. We believe there’s more to visiting a college than just the tour and information session so we created Daytripper University; with the inside scoop from the people who know best -- current students and parents! DTU guides tell you where to stay near campus in addition to where to grab a quick coffee, the best places to eat and interesting local attractions. Current students weigh in with quotes on what they love about their school and offer helpful advice to prospective students.  Once your child is accepted use DTU itineraries for the next four years of Parents Weekends and catch up visits! 

See you on the road,

Bonnie and Liora