Notes from two of our stylish friends just back from Milan. These may be rambling itineraries, but both are in love with the city and it shows. Make’s us want to jump on the next plane…

Tripper Tips:

A visit to Pinacotecca di Brera is not to be missed for one of the foremost collections of Italian paintings; some galleries are housed in a charming 17th century palace.

Although shopping is a sport in Milan-- many stores still close everyday for lunch reopening once again around 3 or 4 pm.

If you are visiting the Duomo, and of course you are visiting the Duomo, make sure you take the elevator to the top for an incredible view of Milan and to wander around the statues and spires. This is a must do, one of the few times the outside of the cathedral is more magical than the interior.

Lynn's Take: I visit my friend in Milan almost every year, and I always do the same things. I always go to the Duomo because it is so beautiful, and I can never visit it enough. We shop at Henry Beguelin on Via Caminadella 7, have espresso at Cova and shop some more at Biffi on Genova 6.  This year, I did some things I’ve never done before. I saw Leonardo’s Last Supper. It is spectacular and it’s disintegrating as we speak, so don’t wait. I visited the synagogue on Piazza Castello. The facade is the only part that survived from the war. It was rebuilt and is really lovely. It also houses multiple smaller temples. It’s the only remaining synagogue in the city so everyone worships here. You have to pass the Italian militia out front and ring the bell. I got a great tour from an Israeli medical student. Eataly opened in Zona Garibaldi near Porta Nuova, which is the new hip part of town. It’s in an old theater and is fantastic. Corso Como is the street nearby that has all the new chic shops. Carla Sozzani (big in the Milanese fashion world, her sister is Franca Sozzani editor in chief of Italian Vogue for years) opened a clothing store at 10 Corso Como. It’s a garden café, restaurant, gallery, bookstore that also sells very expensive high-end fashion. This is a good place for an afternoon coffee or a light lunch. I also had dinner in another neighborhood I had never been to called Navigli. It’s a series of canals and bridges, and is a very happening place at night. We ate at Al Pont de Ferr on Ripa di Porta Ticinese. The food was very creative and very good. The kitchen is in a storefront next door, so you can see the chef at work. Milan is such a big city and it’s always fun and surprising; there’s always something new to see and do.

Tracy's Take: If you haven’t been to Milan you must go. Four days three nights. That's all. It's really easy.  You sleep on the flight over and wake up in the morning and you’re there. This is not a city for kids so there is no guilt about not bringing them. Just shopping and eating and sleeping and walking and wandering! The Four Seasons Hotel is so romantic.  It's an old monastery they converted into a hotel that centers on a gorgeous courtyard.  Get a room with a view of the courtyard. Rooms are not enormous but they are really modern. And the service is amazing. The location is perfect. You walk everywhere.  There is a new restaurant by the guys that own Dsquared it's called Ceresio 7 and it's super cool. It’s a great club with pools on the roof of a building. Amazing. Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone is an unreal place in the courtyard right by the Four Seasons -LOVE for lunch. Giacomo Bistrot and Bice are also good. Il Baretto is really pretty for dinner. Low key, sit in the front of the restaurant. I always walk out of the Four Seasons and make my way toward my most favorite shop and along the way I pass all the other cute local stores in this area called the Brera – not the Marnis and the Pradas but the local shops. The store I adore is called Megu. They have been making charms forever. It's an old family store. OBSESSED. A costume jewelry store called Pillini on Via Manzoni is great. Via Solferino is also a great shopping street. There is a very special insider store it's called Fontana and it's way out by Via Trebbia.  They have really exclusive super chic leather goods. (They are just started to sell them at Barneys NY.) Also you can eat inside the Armani store - heard it’s terrific.  I love to go to the original Prada store near the duomo.  Go downstairs and look around it's beautiful.  

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